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Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, we have over 50 years of experience in working with clients to develop and implement strategies to make their money work harder and faster.
Most Americans are facing a serious crisis.
According to an August 2006 Harris poll, 88% of all U.S. citizens at or near retirement age are severely under-funded when it comes to retirement... and face going broke once their careers wind down. 
Then, there’s Taxes.
Did you know the highest marginal Federal income tax in history was a whopping 94%!1 Yes, you read that right. 
And right now, the highest marginal federal tax in the US is 35%2. Yet the average throughout history was over 60%.3
If current taxes change, do you have a plan to handle the situation? 
 How about Asset Erosion?
The most obvious wealth eroders:                                            
• Cost of living due to inflation
• Increased taxes
• Market fluctuation
• Disability^ and Health^
• Death
• Creditors’ Claims
• Lawsuits
Some lesser-known wealth attrition factors:
Technology changes – faster computers, LCD and plasma TV’s including High-definition as the standard in February 2009, cell phones that do everything – fuel efficient cars and on and on…
Planned obsolescence – everything you own must be replaced eventually; the clothes you are wearing, the heating and cooling system in your home, your couch etc.
If possible, would you like to have improved protection from these elements and others we haven’t yet covered? 
^Products available thorugh one or more carriers not affilaited with New York Life , dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.
Still, more trouble is brewing.
There may not be enough money to pay for your Social Security. 
Currently there are:
• Approximately 49 million people receiving some form of social security. 4
• Approximately 80 million baby boomers about to enter retirement.5
• 50 million Americans born from 1965-1979 known as Gen X. 6
• More then 70 million generation Y- those that haven’t reached 30 yet. 7
In simple terms, this means there will be more people retired than working.
So I ask you, who is going to pay for all those retired people?
You probably guessed it. You are.
Have you factored this into your own retirement?
 So many questions. How about some answers!
The answers to all of these questions are as individual as you are. We educate you on building your wealth without restrictions of predetermined needs and aspirations while focusing on savings, growth and protection.
 Now ........ Here Comes the Good Part.
What if you could keep your hard earned money doing what you really want, like traveling around the world first class?  Stay at the best hotels with the best service. How about spending more time with your family and grandkids?
How about having money left over to spend without the fear of it running out before you do? 
We all have to pay taxes, but if you didn’t, how differently would you live your life?
But ........ here comes the best part!
 No Additional Out-of-Pocket Cost!
We’ll work with your current assets and cash flow. That’s our main objective.
• Building long-term wealth
• Lowering or keeping the same risk tolerance
• Increasing protection against asset eroding factors
Interested? You’ll get a no-cost consultation that could change the way you think about your money today and in time to come. Call us today. 
You’re in charge of your future.  Let us help educate you in an unbiased way. 
Be empowered to make the choices that are appropriate for you and your family.
Keep your hard earned money doing what you really want. 
Will you be fortunate enough to have prepared? It’s up to you.
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